The Sandbox is a new initiative at TJCOG focused on breaking down silos in government; encouraging unique, "inside-the-sandbox" ideas and solutions; and providing a space to freely think about the most challenging issues in our region. Stakeholders are encouraged to play without consequences and build imperfect ideas within the Sandbox space and programs.


#SandboxSeries Contest & Showcase

Is there a pressing challenge impacting your organization that you cannot solve alone? Is there a looming challenge on the horizon your organization lacks the capacity to think about or plan for?

Submit this challenge to the Inaugural Innovation #SandboxSeries Contest by August 31 and your challenge could receive dedicated TJCOG resources, technical assistance, and programming aimed at finding a solution.


Challenge Criteria

  1. Submission must be "sponsored" by an organization(s).
  2. Must extend across multiple counties in the TJCOG region - the more, the better.
  3. Impacts or is impacted by the decisions of the public sector.
  4. Requires unique solutions - its long-term impacts are likely unknown. 


Contest Timeline and Rules

Submission Form